Heartfelt Creations Berry Cafe

You can use it in your planners too!

I just can’t tell you enough about this collection! I absolutely love it! The artistry. The vibrancy of the colors. The quality of the paper pad. You can tell so much love and hard work went into this paper line! Heck, you can pretty much say that about everything that Heartfelt Creations puts out there!

And don’t let the children’s design fool you. When looking through this paper pad, you must think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to using it just for children’s albums and projects. In fact, I will show you later on how you can use it for a very grown up and classy design! but today I’m sticking with my main point of this blog.

I have a beautiful planner that I won from a YouTube channel Giveaway (Hi Markisha!!!) I started making planner videos right at the start of February; but then I let my time and projects get ahead of me, that I stopped somewhere around March.  Well, with so much going on in my life now, I decided to get back to the basics, and begin using my planner again.  You’ll be surprised how much more you accomplish when you have everything written down!

I wanted to do something different with my planner, so I decided to use the Hearfelt Creations Berry Cafe collection. And boy did it turn out cute!

The following video will show you my entire procedure for this week’s layout! Enjoy!

Heartfelt Creations Berry Cafe Heidi Swapp Planner Layout


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