Get your Groom Interested

On wedding days, brides get all the attention while grooms get patted on the back and are told how lucky they are to have found the beautiful bride. However, weddings belong as much to the groom as they do the bride. After all, it’s about starting a life together. When the groom is reluctant to participate in the planning aspects of the wedding, there are a few things the bride-to-be can do to get her groom involved.

One cake. Two cake. Red cake. Groom cake! Give your honey a fun task by having him pick out his own cake.  A second cake designed especially by him that will  showcase what he loves the most. Maybe he loves to play poker. He can design a poker card table cake. Don’t let the cake sit in the corner all by its lonesome. Place the cake along side the main cake. It could be as elaborate as the wedding cake or simpler.

You can take his love of sports, by having your color scheme reflect that of his favorite team. For example, if he is a New Orleans Saints fan, you could have him wear a white shirt with a gold and black tie or your bridesmaids wear gold with a black sash. The groomsmen could wear ties that match the sash on the girls.

Another way to have your groom more involved in the planning is shoes! Ask him if he would prefer to wear a dress sneaker. Depending on his individual style, he may come up with an idea that will surprise you!

Involve your groom’s help in choosing wedding party favors. Have him put together a team, of groomsmen and bridesmaids, that will come up with the idea and execution.  The call-to-action will be a stress-free wedding for the bride to be!

Have your groom plan the honeymoon. Give him three choices of where you would like to vacation, and what you would expect to do while you’re there.  Set a date aside in which you will both apply for your passports, if you don’t already have them, and the rest is up to him.  Let him surprise you.  It’ll be magical!

Whatever you decide to do, don’t be afraid to get your fiance involved. You will soon enter a lifetime partnership, and how you both handle the wedding preparations will allow you to set grounds for a lasting and fruitful marriage.

Taken from 4 Ways to Get the Groom Interested in Wedding Planning by: Aaron Hu
Re-written and edited by: Sandi Nagel

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