Cabin Fever

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I think it’s fair to say that just about everyone in the U.S., with the exception of Hawaii and perhaps the southern tip of Florida, are experiencing a record winter.  Those of us who live in the southern states are learning to acclimate to the drop in temperatures that are far lower and longer than we are accustomed to.  Cities like Houston, lack the infrastructure to handle prolonged freezing temperatures. Not for lack of resources, but simply because spending millions of dollars in snow plows is just not feasible for a city that is known for its tropical-like weather.

This year we have experienced more winter warnings than I can ever remember. The schools shut down, city offices shut down, and a number of work-places ask that only essential personnel report to work.

As a home-school family, many of our after-school activities, and volunteer service projects have been cancelled on several occasions due to inclement weather. This leaves a mom with two home-bound teens, who beg for a “snow-day”, when everyone else gets the day off, and are all too eager to spend the entire day playing Assassins Creed, to think of the best way to keep our educational plan going without loosing them within the first hour.  After an hour or two of instruction, I surrender to their wishes, and start mustering up ways to spend the rest of MY free afternoon.  I look around my home, and begin contemplating on ways I could make the old look new again. I think about changing out curtains, re-arranging furniture, and swapping decorative items from one room to another just to keep things fresh.

It seems like in no time, the kids have put their school materials away, and are already chatting with their friends on the PS3, and I’m in my “house-work” clothes, with my cleaning caddy nearby, taking down every curtain panel in the living room, dining room, and yes, even the master bedroom.  Within a couple of hours, furniture has been re-arranged in not one, but two of the mentioned rooms, and I’m eagerly going back and forth swapping the tall candle holder, for the bust, the tall contemporary lamp for the more ornate heavier one, and I have gone from a contemporary living room to a more traditional ensemble of gold and brown and earth hues that I just simply can’t do without!  Fresh clean drapes, of a warm gold tone,  stand in the place of the off-white geometric printed ones.  The area rugs have been swapped out as well. I choose a lovely black traditional print that will anchor the look and feel I’m going for. Once I’m satisfied with my decorative choices, and believe me things get moved around two or three times before I make my final decision, I sit on my favorite leather chair and take it all in.

So what does this article have to do with cabin fever? you may ask.  According to Wikipedia, Cabin Fever  is an idiomatic term for a claustrophobic reaction that takes place when a person or group is isolated and/or shut in a small space, with nothing to do for an extended period. Cabin fever describes the extreme irritability and restlessness a person may feel in these situations.

If you think you may be prone to experiencing some cabin fever this winter, go ahead and take a good look around your home. Ask yourself, when was the last time you changed out your curtains? How long has the sofa been sitting in the same spot? Maybe your decor needs a little bit of re-arranging.  It certainly couldn’t hurt. What’s the worst that could happen if you swapped the living room lamps with the ones in the study?  My point to my article is this. Get your decorative juices flowing once again.  You’ve had plenty of rest from the Christmas and holiday decorations you took down and packed away several weeks ago.  There’s no need to wait for spring to get started on that “spring cleaning”.  Just because you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be “stuck” at home.

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