The Fun and Elegant Beauty of MacKenzie-Childs

I first learned of Mackenzie-Childs 14 years ago while viewing one of the greatest design shows of all time, It’s Christopher Lowell.  The founder/artist, Victoria MacKenzie-Childs presented herself in an array of color and whimsey.  From her Smurf blue and My Little Pony pink dyed hair to the bottom of her black and white checkered shoes, Victoria was a vision of fun and creativity, that no other guest on the show ever had the courage to duplicate. 

During the segment,
I remember absorbing every detail of each hand-made teacup, unusual place-settings, and trademark checker design accessories as I was convinced I had died and gone to Alice in Wonderland heaven!  Victoria’s designs and style were so far out there, that she inspired a revolutionary “tea-room movement”, from fans everywhere of this highly acclaimed show!  (In later episodes, Mr. Lowell brought out guest viewers who took Victoria’s design ideas, and incorporated them into their own version of fun and whimsy.) 

Whether you’re looking for fun and functional serving accesories, that special centerpiece, or
are ready to create your very own version of wonderland, the designs of MacKenzie-Childs are a MUST SEE!

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Why We Chose to Homeschool

Parents have different reasons to home school their children.  Our son’s autism prompted us to withdraw both our children from the traditional brick and mortar public schools, and give them a more calming, less hectic and less restrictive environment.

Home school has given our son the opportunity to learn things at his own pace, without having to worry too much about keeping up with the “normal” kids, or just simply be bored by a curriculum that was not personally tailored for his specific needs and style of learning. Home school has given our daughter, an equestrian, the opportunity to train and compete in several horse shows, in her own time.  She has also improved in her courses in leaps and bounds!

Whatever the driving factor is to your decision to home schooling your child, it is always an intimidating first experience. You visit an endless number of websites, not to mention the blogs. You visit the home school stores, both on the web and in your city, and then you’re surprised by THE COSTS you incur in setting up the classroom space and purchasing the materials!  And guess what mom and dad… it’s NOT tax-deductible!

Home school materials can be found here.

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Shabby Chic Design

The decorating magazines gave it popularity in the 1980’s, and it still holds a strong threshold in interior design today.  Thanks to Rachel Ashwell, author, designer and entrepreneur, Shabby Chic is what we know of and love today.

Nothing says Shabby Chic better than beautiful flowers, traditional fabrics, and distressed looking furniture.

Although Shabby Chic can be considered non-tailored, nontraditional, and certainly not satisfactory for the contemporary design taste, it doesn’t take away from its delicate beauty and undisputed romance.  Shabby Chic, in my opinion, is a design concept that is absolutely splendid!

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